Feist Calls on Fans to Host 'Pleasure' Listening Parties

Feist Calls on Fans to Host 'Pleasure' Listening Parties
Feist will finally unleash her latest LP, Pleasure, at the end of the month, but she's giving a few lucky fans the chance to hear it before the official release date.
The Canadian singer is currently holding a contest, inviting fans to submit their ideas for listening parties — and four winners will get vinyl test pressings to play at their events.
The description and rules, according to Feist's official website, read as follows:
On Wednesday, April 26th, I cordially invite you to bring your loved ones, comrades, new friends, buried hatchets, intrigues and old flames to come together and listen to Pleasure. You, collectively known as We, will listen together yet in your own space and in your own way.
Send us a description of where your ideal listening place might be; in your kitchen, your school PA speakers, your favourite neighborhood bar, laying on the floor of your friend's basement, your underwater pool party speakers or a tailgate party at the edge of town… truly wherever.
Tell us about your town or city and where you'd like to host and we'll be following up nearer the time, with how you'll get access to the album ahead of it's official release (which is on April 28th) for your own private Pleasure hang.
Deadline for entries – Midnight, Wednesday April 19th
Thank you. LF
You've got one day left to plan out your perfect Pleasure party, so get cracking and head over here to apply.
For those who aren't selected for or invited to the winning soirees, you'll be able to hear the new LP when it lands on April 28 via Universal. You can pre-order it here.