Feist Admits Naïveté Led To iPod Ad

Feist Admits Naïveté Led To iPod Ad
Canada’s prized songbird Leslie Feist has admitted she was "naïve” to allow her track "1234” to be featured on an iPod Nano ad.

"I felt a definite shift [after the advert came out], it seemed to peak a lot of curiosity, which luckily led back to an album and video I believe in,” Feist told the BBC. "It just shows you the power of that kind of thing, as opposed to some preconceived marketing ploy.”

Last year, the singer agreed Apple could use the second single from her now hit album, The Reminder, for the company’s new Nano campaign. Shortly after, the song wormed its ways into skulls on both sides of the Atlantic, so much so that by its second week on the American Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, "1234,” or as it’s now more commonly known, the "Nano Song,” shot up to No. 28 from a No. 61 debut and its digital sales doubled to 73,000 downloads from 41,000 last September.

"I was a little naïve as to the impact it would have because I really didn’t have any idea it would be like that,” Feist said. "But it did me nothing but favours because I’ve continued doing what I do, but with so many new open ears from so many more people than there were before.”

She later added: "Once it came out and the response happened that’s when a little bit of apprehension kicked in. I thought, in a way, it’s my worst nightmare to have people at the concert twiddling their thumbs waiting for the one song they recognise. But any of those fears were quickly assuaged when I realised that would only happen if I stopped dead in my tracks and didn’t do another things in my life.”

In other Feist news, the Arts & Crafts digital store has released the new Reminder single for "I Feel it All,” which features three remixes by Spoon’s Britt Daniel, Gonzales and Grizzly Bear (who take on "My Moon My Man”).