Feist "Don't Give Up" (ft. Timber Timbre) (Peter Gabriel cover)

Feist 'Don't Give Up' (ft. Timber Timbre) (Peter Gabriel cover)
Heat is building behind Peter Gabriel's curated covers album And I'll Scratch Yours, with the next leaked interpretation being Feist's Timber Timbre-assisted version of So slow-burner "Don't Give Up."

The song plays equally smooth to the original, via a series of earthy bass tones and rattling sea-shell sounds for a snare. Feist takes over Gabriel's lines about the strange paths our lives take, while the booming baritone of Timber Timbre's Taylor Kirk subs in for Kate Bush. You can check out their low-key interpretation down below.

Featuring other covers performed by the likes of Arcade Fire, David Byrne, Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, Lou Reed and more, And I'll Scratch Yours drops into stores tomorrow (September 24).