Feeling Left Out Once Upon A Time

New Jersey acoustic duo Feeling Left Out seem to have more baggage than the other bands who get grouped together with the once-proud, now-dreaded emo label. Musically, on the other hand, they sound like an amalgam of the many bands they’ve opened for such as Taking Back Sunday, Hey Mercedes and, rather inevitably, Dashboard Confessional. Their second release in just under a year doesn’t really show much in the way of progress, with the band preferring to stick with their all-too-familiar heartfelt acoustic songs of failed relationships and betrayal. Uplifting stuff. Their double acoustic guitar onslaught isn’t exactly the most flexible choice for any band, and there is no denying that all the songs are more than a touch similar. But even worse is their penchant for five- and six-minute songs that manage to sound a whole lot longer. I don’t mind songs that have an "epic” quality, but when they are simply running in circles without anything new to add then I call foul. Feeling Left Out are just a little too earnest for their own good, and that makes Once Upon A Time tough to make it through in a single sitting because it gets a little grating after just a couple of songs. (LLR)