Federal Lights Unveil 'Coeur de Lion' Album, Share New Video

Federal Lights Unveil 'Coeur de Lion' Album, Share New Video
A couple of years on from the release of Federal Lights' 2013 debut LP, We Were Found in the Fog, the Winnipeg pop-rock group are emerging from the fog with a new album called Coeur de Lion. The record will be out on January 29 through Aporia Records.

The album was produced by Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities, the Sheepdogs). It contains 11 tracks, and a press release notes that the songs are about finding beauty and profundity in mundane everyday moments. "I find it uplifting that there's some hope in the saddest of situations," songwriter Jean-Guy Roy said in a statement.

For a taste of this approach, check out a video for "Into the Ground" at the bottom of this page. It's filled with nifty stop-motion camera tricks and quickly changing scenes, and we also see Roy put his whittling talents to the test.

The singer said, "The song talks about the dynamic of relationships. They're a work in progress that can take people to the edge of every emotion conceivable, constantly begging the question, 'Is this worth it?' Ultimately for me, it is, but sadly for a lot of people it isn't. Hopefully this song can at least offer some understanding."

Federal Lights are planning to tour Canada, and dates are still forthcoming. For now, see the tracklist below.

Coeur de Lion:

1. The Ghost (Rises)
2. Into the Ground
3. You & I
4. Then Came the Light
5. Amelia
6. Coeur de Lion
7. Lie to Me
8. Ctrl.Alt.Delete
9. This Town
10. The Ghost (Moves)
11. Parachutes