Fattooth Fattooth

With their randy sense of humour and witty one-liners, Fattooth boast an amusing slice of tongue-in-cheek punk rock’n’roll heavily influenced by the likes of hardcore, metal and even elements of cock rock. The flow of tracks such as "High Time At Low Tide,” "Red Neck Metal Head” and "Big Daddy” are always engaging, upbeat and somewhat odd. There’s a distinct lack of a unifying element to the songs on this eponymous effort yet it doesn’t hamper the proceedings in the slightest. Instead, these nine tracks become almost a deli platter of variety where one can pick and choose whatever entices them at that moment. However, Fattooth should be aware of how dangerously close they’re coming to the sensation most walk away from said deli tray with: pleasure at sampling an array of experiences but a lack of being satiated by anything substantial. (Reversed)