Fatlip "L.A. Girl" (video)

Fatlip 'L.A. Girl' (video)
Besides being bat-shit insane, Pharcyde member turned solo artist Fatlip is also known for his hilarious, often self-deprecating lyrics and catchy singles, particularly the underground hit “What's Up Fatlip?” Now, the artist has teamed up with producer Yeti Beats for a new single called “L.A. Girl.”

 As could be expected, the song is super weird and endlessly interesting. For one thing, Fatlip is using a fake British accent while he cracks jokes about celebrities like the Game and Marilyn Manson. Then there's the beat, a danceable club track with hints of MC Hammer. Put all that to a video that includes choreographed dancing throughout Los Angeles, and it’s classic Fatlip.

Watch Fatlips' “L.A. Girl” video over at Urb.