Father Phoenix Large Bodies

Groovy yet modestly imposing, Large Bodies finds Milwaukee's Father Phoenix delving even further into the beefiness of past musical genres. The 15-minute "full-length" may seem rather succinct but as the rich choruses and slinky verses roll along it becomes obvious that the quartet have packed more information into these four tracks than most bands manage in 16. Cranking the fuzzy Orange amps and embracing Priestess's use of sweet yet haunting melodies over a Deep Purple-esque organ gives Large Bodies a decidedly '70s boogie rock feel, yet there's a little more aggression in tunes such as "Brothers Of Fire" and "Starless" than most bell-bottomed, denim vest-sporting dudes generally manage to unleash. Which isn't to say that Father Phoenix equal the sordid bombast of, say, Dukes Of Nothing, but they're certainly striving for, and coming close to, that lecherous territory. (Forge Again)