Father John Misty Says He Does LSD Daily

He also turned down an audition for 'Stranger Things'
Father John Misty Says He Does LSD Daily
After writing an entire album about the current ills of the world and society with Pure Comedy, one would wonder how Father John Misty deals with such weighty topics. Rather than take prescribed medication, the songwriter born Josh Tillman has revealed that a daily microdose of LSD does the trick.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tillman revealed the drug "helps with my depression and anxiety," calling it "a thing that works for me." He revealed that his usage is limited to microdosing, in which he takes "quite a bit of it, diluted."

Microdosing is a nonscientific trend in which users routinely take small doses of psychedelic drugs to combat mental health illness or increase productivity. The scientific community regards the practice as an "under-researched area," though users report improvements in perception, mood and focus without any "trippy" aspects commonly associated with the drugs.

"I've had therapists tell me that I really need to be on [medication for anxiety and depression], but I'm just not ready to give up drinking," he told the publication. "It's just kind of like being a stoner. I'm not on a psychedelic journey all the time."

Tillman revealed that he had taken a dosage prior to delivering his contentious Taylor Swift lyric on Saturday Night Live. He added that he isn't worried about damaging his brain with prolonged usage, not unlike Syd Barrett or Brian Wilson before him.

"With them, the real danger was in the first time you take it. It can exacerbate pre-existing [conditions], like schizophrenia," he said. "I'm not ready to give it up. I think living is just a risk. In the next few years, we're going to start seeing the long-term effects of cellphones."

Also in the interview, Tillman made the reveal that he turned down a spot to appear in the upcoming season of Stranger Things. "There are many other things I've said no to. I was asked to audition for the second season of Stranger Things. I didn't want that level of exposure. I don't want to be TV famous."

Father John Misty's Pure Comedy is out April 7 through Sub Pop. You can also read Exclaim!'s current cover story about the guy over here.