Father John Misty "This Is Sally Hatchet" (video)

Father John Misty 'This Is Sally Hatchet' (video)
While Father John Misty (aka ex-Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman) endured a bit of friendly S&M play in his "Nancy From Now On" video, the next Fear Fun clip, for "This Is Sally Hatchet," puts the dude through the ringer. Playing an employee at Purgatory Pizza, he has his shift interrupted by a gun-toting lady, namely Sally Hatchet, that has him nervously observing a target practice session in the break room.

The vid gets a little gory, with the ironic punishment division of hell sending the message to Sally Hatchet to mangle our man Misty's hand with a pizza slicer before carving a pentagram into the pie. But he and the shop owner (Mr. Show vet John Ennis) get to have a dance party with the pistol packer and some friends, so it all evens out, right?

Hopefully Tillman likes his position at the parlour, because it seems as if he's going to be there a long time. Check it out below.