Father John Misty "I Went To The Store One Day" ('La Blogothèque' live video)

Father John Misty 'I Went To The Store One Day' ('La Blogothèque' live video)
To say the least, Exclaim! was stunned by Father John Misty's new I Love You, Honeybear, which received full honours in our recent review. La Blogotheque was probably pretty floored too when Josh Tillman performed an intimate, candle-lit version of album closer "I Went To The Store One Day" for them at a French restaurant. You can check out that performance online now.

The tender acoustic tune has Tillman and his band seated around a restaurant table to play the song, with the leader's acoustic plucks softly accompanied by weeping violin, mandolin and accordion. The song finds Misty musing on the relationship between him and his wife, detailing various moments from proposing to her, to analyzing their future family ("I need someone to protect me from my seven daughters when my body says 'enough'").

You'll find the passionate display down below.

I Love You, Honeybear arrives in stores tomorrow (February 10) through Sub Pop.