FaltyDL "Some Jazz Shit"

FaltyDL 'Some Jazz Shit'
Last month, electronic experimenter FaltyDL (a.k.a. Drew Lustman) announced the details of his next album, In the Wild. Today, he's shared a new song.

Titled "Some Jazz Shit," the song's name is mostly accurate, as this is a smooth, breezy collection of jazzy piano chords and flute leads. That said, there's also a bouncy, house-informed drum beat and a clever arrangement befitting FaltyDL's past work.

Making good on his surname, the artist has also brought out his inner lust-man, premiering his music video for "Greater Antillies Part 2" over at PornHub (link obviously and profoundly NSFW).

Listen to "Some Jazz Shit" below. In the Wild arrives on August 12 via Ninja Tune.