The Fallers "Left, Right, and Centre" (video)

The Fallers 'Left, Right, and Centre' (video)
Toronto trio the Fallers have been perfecting their craft at various clubs this year, having recently wrapped their first-ever cross-Canada tour. In case you missed out, the band are showing you their onstage game plan via a new, concert-modelled video for their "Left, Right, and Centre."

Presented diptych-style by director Amanda Macchia, the video puts the focus on what the Fallers can accomplish with a few pop-rock hooks, while also showcasing the activities of the crowd. As such, we see sweetly sung hooks and smashed cymbals taking place on one side of the screen, while the opposing image puts on display a group of concertgoers enjoy a round of drinks and some conversation. There's also some pinball wizardry to behold.

If you often find yourself in a club, the video should feel quite familiar.

You can give the pop-rock band's audio-visual love letter to the concert scene down below.

The Fallers have new music planned for 2016, and you can also check them out live at Toronto's Holy Oak on November 6 and Junction City Music Hall on November 14.