The Fall Leak More New Album Details, Give This Nation's Saving Grace Triple-Disc Deluxe Makeover

The Fall Leak More New Album Details, Give <i>This Nation's Saving Grace</i> Triple-Disc Deluxe Makeover
Seminal English post-punk group the Fall revealed that they signed with indie powerhouse Domino earlier this year, but little else was said about their upcoming 28th album. Now, that album has been titled and is expected in early 2010.

According to an interview that "Mrs. Mark E. Smith" (aka keyboardist Elena Poulou) did with Labouche, the new Fall album is called Our Future Your Clutter, and it will be out in late January.

 And while that's still all they're giving us to go on at this point, we can report that Beggars Group is kicking off the long-anticipated series of expanded Fall reissues in the near future. In a blog post, the label revealed that it's starting the series with the band's classic 1985 album, This Nation's Saving Grace, which will come as one of Beggars' Omnibus editions.

The set will feature three discs, including a full disc of rough mixes and outtakes, and a disc of singles and John Peel sessions. As the label explains, the delays in this set coming out are due to the sheer amount of content they're dealing with:

There were 14 reels of studio recordings digitally transferred for TNSG. Most of these contained original master recordings but there were four reels of outtakes. These actually proved to be a bit disappointing since there is little difference between performances on the alternative takes. More interesting were two reels of early, rough mixes of the album recordings which lack the polish off the final mixes but have an accessible... well, roughness. Roughsticity. Rough-a-loogability - somesuch lack of refinement. There's a tape with an extended version of "Barmy" which was recorded at the March '85 sessions along with "Cruiser's Creek," "Rollin' Dany" and "Couldn't Get Ahead." It's the same basic version that was used on the album but with subtly different sonics.

Once Mark E. Smith approves the label's tracklisting, these puppies will get manufactured and subsequently weigh on your bank account a little.