Faith No More Treat 'King for a Day' and 'Album of the Year' to Expanded Reissues

Faith No More Treat 'King for a Day' and 'Album of the Year' to Expanded Reissues
Faith No More's officially sanctioned reissue campaign continues, with the long-running alt-metal group having just announced that deluxe represses of 1995's King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime and 1997's Album of the Year will land on September 9.

The group revealed the reissue plans today (July 25) through their Facebook page, explaining that both releases will arrives as double CDs, on double LP and as digital downloads. While the vinyl version of King for a Day spreads the epic album onto two-and-a-half sides of the double-LP release, the CD packages put the original albums on one disc, with a collection of B-sides, remixes and live cuts filling up the second platter.

King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime followed the band's much-acclaimed Angel Dust collection from 1992 and was the first to not feature longtime guitarist Jim Martin. Trey Spruance, who also performed with vocalist Mike Patton in Mr. Bungle, was brought aboard to perform on the eclectic LP. The song cycle moved from crunchy punk anthems ("Digging the Grave"), to jazz-soaked prog/salsa ("Star A.D."), to shit-obsessed goth metal ("Cuckoo for Caca").

The deluxe edition includes a cover of Bee Gees' "I Started a Joke," live versions of "Digging the Grave" and "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies," and an interview track.

Spruance left the group ahead of the making of 1997's Album of the Year, with six-stringer Jon Hudson having taken his place. The album was recorded at bassist Billy Gould's home studio, and featured singles "Ashes to Ashes," "Last Cup of Sorrow" and "Stripsearch." The band would break up in 1998, with the record being the last during their initial run, before being followed up by 2015 reunion LP Sol Invictus.

The eight-song bonus disc is heavy on remixes, but also includes B-sides "The Big Kahuna," "This Guy's in Love with You" and a live version of Album of the Year opener "Collision."

This year has found Faith No More on a mission to re-release their older works. Next month, the band's 1985 studio debut We Care a Lot will also be reissued. Due August 19, the release features vocals from pre-Mike Patton frontman Chuck Mosley. You'll find out more about the funk-and-metal exploring release over here.

The group's current reissue campaign follows the band's disapproval of Warner Bros./Rhino's 2015-delivered deluxe packages behind 1989's The Real Thing and Angel Dust. Faith No More admitted at the time: "This is not to say that they are not worth's just that they are not coming from us. Hope that makes sense."

King for a Day … Fool for a Lifetime Deluxe:

Disc one:

1. Get Out
2. Ricochet
3. Evidence
4. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
5. Star AD
6. Cuckoo For Caca
7. Caralho Voador
8. Ugly In The Morning
9. Digging The Grave
10. Take This Bottle
11. King For A Day
12. What A Day
13. The Last To Know
14. Just A Man

Disc two:

1. Evidence [Version en Español] *
2. Absolute Zero *
3. Greenfields *
4. I Started A Joke *
5. Spanish Eyes *
6. I Won't Forget You *
7. Hippie Jam *
8. Instrumental *
9. I Wanna Fuck Myself *
10. Evidence [Versão em Português] *
11. Digging The Grave [Live] *
12. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies [Live] *
13. Interview [B-Side] *

* Bonus track

Album of the Year Deluxe:

Disc one:

1. Collision
2. Stripsearch
3. Last Cup Of Sorrow
4. Nakes In Front Of The Computer
5. Helpless
6. Mouth To Mouth
7. Ashes To Ashes
8. She Loves Me Not
9. Got That Feeling
10. Paths Of Glory
11. Home Sick Home
12. Pristina

Disc two:

1. Pristina [Billy Gould Mix] *
2. Last Cup Of Sorrow [Roli Mosimann Mix] *
3. She Loves Me Not [Spinna Main Mix] *
4. Ashes To Ashes [Hard Knox Alt. Mix] *
5. Light Up And Let Go *
6. The Big Kahuna *
7. This Guy's In Love With You *
8. Collision [Live] *

* Bonus track