Faith Healer Ink Deal with Mint Records for 'Cosmic Troubles' LP

Faith Healer Ink Deal with Mint Records for 'Cosmic Troubles' LP
Vancouver label Mint Records has had a busy week. Just yesterday (January 14), it announced that Fake Tears had been added to its roster, and now it's signed Edmonton's Faith Healer.
The project of Jessica Jalbert and longtime collaborator Renny Wilson, Faith Healer will be delivering their debut album Cosmic Troubles on March 31 through their new home label.
The duo have previously played together in Tee-Tahs, Punk Explosion and a variety of cover bands, in addition to Wilson helping Jalbert out on her 2011 solo record Brother Loyola.
Wilson and Jalbert came together again to record as Faith Healer, this time drawing inspiration from a steady intake of '60s and '70s psych rock. According to a press release, this "translates into inventive songs that combine the sun-kissed sparkle of classic pop harmonies with head-swimming trippiness and a few forays into thundering fuzz."
The pair shared the playing of all instruments during the recording process, with Wilson also stepping in on production duties. Keeping it all close to home, the album was actually recorded in Wilson's parents' house.
"His mom and dad cooked us dinner pretty much every time," said Jalbert in a statement. "It was very much a family affair."
The Wilsons only had to worry about housing the musical duo for dinner once a week, though. Because of their work schedules at the same record shop, Tuesdays were the only time Jalbert and Wilson were able to work on the album.
Well, they eventually found enough free Tuesdays and Cosmic Troubles is ready for release this spring. The two-piece have already revealed the full tracklisting, which you can see below. If you scroll past it, you can listen to brand new album cut "Again."
Cosmic Troubles:

1. Acid
2. Again
3. Canonized
4. Cosmic Troubles
5. Fools Rush In
6. Angel Eyes
7. Infinite Return
8. No Car
9. Universe
10. Was, Is And Is To Come
11. Until The World Lets Me Go