Factory Records Celebrated via New Comp Featuring New Order, A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column

Factory Records Celebrated via New Comp Featuring New Order, A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column
A new two-disc compilation hopes to shine the spotlight on some of Factory Records' finest club hits. Titled FAC.DANCE, the collection gathers a ton of the iconic Manchester label's earliest dance floor fillers.

A press release explains that FAC.DANCE covers the imprint's early years, from 1982-87, and the wide range of musical genres tackled during that time period, from the "mutant funk" of Blurt to the dancey post-punk leanings of A Certain Ration and Section 25.

While label stars New Order are featured via the original extended dance mix of "Confusion," there are a number of rarer, yet equally impressive contributions from Durutti Column, the Latin jazz-infused Swamp Children and more.

Compiled by Bill Brewster of djhistory.com, the set hopes to highlight the melding between the Manc music scene and New York's club culture. The press release states: "The album also expressly documents Factory's strong links and cross-pollination with New York's 1980s club culture, as New Order joined forces with producer Arthur Baker, fresh from his pioneering electro work with Afrika Bambaataa, and acts like Quando Quango and Sweet Sensation's Marcel King enlisted NY remixer Mark Kamins for tough-edged club treatments."

FAC.DANCE is being presented as a two-CD set, with bonus MP3s from Minny Pops, Kalima and Royal Family & the Poor, and features a booklet full of the original twelive-inch covers. The set comes out October 11 via Strut Records.


CD 1:

1. Section 25 "Looking From A Hilltop" (Megamix)
2. A Certain Ratio "Wild Party"
3. Quando Quango "Love Tempo"
4. 52nd Street "Express"
5. Swamp Children "Little Voices"
6. Biting Tongues "Boss Toyota Trouble"
7. The Durutti Column "For Belgian Friends" (Valuable Passages version)
8. Royal Family & The Poor "Art On 45"
9. A Certain Ratio "Knife Slits Water" (12-inch version)
10. Section 25 "Dirty Disco"
11. Blurt "Puppeteer"
12. X-O-Dus "See Them-A-Come"

  CD 2:

1. New Order "Confusion" (Original 12" mix)
2. Shark Vegas "Pretenders Of Love"
3. 52nd Street "Cool As Ice" (Jellybean Mix)
4. Streetlife "Act On Instinct" (Hot Swedish Mix)
5. The Hood "Salvation!" (Nitromix)
6. Abecedarians "Smiling Monarchs"
7. Quando Quango "Atom Rock" (Mark Kamins Mix)
8. Marcel King "Reach For Love" (New York Remix)
9. 52nd Street "Look Into My Eyes"
10. Quando Quango "Genius"
11. Swamp Children "You've Got Me Beat"
12. The Durutti Column "Madeleine"

  Digital only bonus tracks:
1. Minny Pops "Time"
2. Kalima "Black Water"
3. Royal Family & The Poor "Motherland"