Factory Floor Announce Debut Album for DFA Records

Factory Floor Announce Debut Album for DFA Records
Factory Floor have been kicking around for a few years without releasing a proper LP, but that will change on September 10, when the British post-industrialists drop a self-titled album through DFA Records.

While the band have released a couple of mini-albums in the past, this one is being billed as their official debut. It was created in their warehouse space in London using the same mixing desk that the Eurythmics employed for their early hits.

The album features "Two Different Ways," an arpeggiator-anchored dance track that was previously released as a single. The rendition that appears on the album is described in a press release as the "definitive version" of the tune. Watch the previous music video for that cut at the bottom of this page, although note that this is presumably a different version than the one that appears on the album.

As for the rest of the material on Factory Floor, it reportedly touches on influences like acid disco, New York's dance underground and sinister electro. See the tracklist below. That's the album cover above.

Factory Floor:

1. Turn It Up

2. Here Again

3. One

4. Fall Back

5. Two

6. How You Say

7. Two Different Ways

8. Three

9. Work Out

10. Breathe In