Factor/Various Time Invested

Like the recent DSU-promoted Canada Is In Full Effect tour, of which Factor was a part, the Saskatoon, SK, producer knows that the best way to gain recognition as an independent Canadian hip-hop artist is to surround yourself with some well-respected underground icons and then give it your best. On Time Invested, a compilation album produced by Factor, there are appearances from Living Legends members luckyiam.PSC & Eligh on "Half Glass Full," one of the album's better tracks, and Sunspot Jonz on "I'm To Blame" and "Hold It For Me." There's also Kirby Dominant's "Saskatoon Pimpin'," the best song on the album and maybe the city's new theme song. Van city's fast rising rap star Moka Only drops a smooth flowing nugget, proving that he needs to use more outside production. Underdogs hopefully gaining some exposure with Time Invested are Gruf the Druid ("Saving Babies"), Eekwol ("Clear Your Own Path"), M.Phasis ("What I'm Hear For") and soso ("Cold Catheter") and Factor, who concocts some soulful and laidback instrumentals for the MCs, as well as bringing in a few bangers. Time Invested is a nice sampler of what Factor has to offer as a producer. (Offbeat)