Face-Painted Kiss Fans Denied Alcohol at Toronto Show

Face-Painted Kiss Fans Denied Alcohol at Toronto Show
Ardent Toronto-area Kiss fans dolled up in tributary paint jobs at the band's recent concert at the Molson Amphitheatre were given the cold shoulder, but not cold gin or even a lukewarm lager, by the venue's alcohol merchants. The reason: all those monochromatic cat-and-demon disguises apparently make it hard for vendors to gauge your age and identity.

As Canada.com points out, the venue put up signs on Friday night (July 26) that read: "Due to provincial laws, alcohol service is prohibited for any patron with their face painted."

The photo above appeared over the weekend on Reddit, with a Redditor named sandrrruh88 uploading it with the line "My mom texted me this… 'only in Canada.'"

Show promoters Live Nation claim that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario made the decision, though Canada.com were told by the AGCO that the organization gave the suggestion to a Live Nation employee before it was put into practice.

The rationale behind the Molson Amphitheatre's decision is that if a merchant can't get a clear idea as to a face-painted patron's age, despite being handed proper ID, they won't take the chance on potentially selling booze to someone underage. The same measure would be carried out for a fan in sports team-supporting face paint, or an individual wearing a rubber mask. Ontario's liquor laws prevent anyone under the age of 19 from buying alcohol.

While this may have rubbed more than a few individuals hoping to rock'n'roll all night with the aid of a few beers, keep in mind that bassist Gene Simmons plays every show stone cold sober.

Thanks to AUX for the heads-up.