Eyesinweasel Wrinkled Thoughts

Five years after leaving the Guided By Voices fold (and honestly, has Bob Pollard been the same since?), Tobin Sprout continues to demonstrate he can be just as prolific, and more consistent than his former bandmate; this month, he debuts his own band, Eyesinweasel, and returns to the stage for the first time. This doesn't stray far from Sprout's trademark melodic beauty, but it seems he's had enough of the fuzz. There are plenty of tracks here that, due to Sprout's distinct vocals and melodic sense, seem GBV familiar, but the presence of instruments like harpsichord and theremin, and an overall lack of distortion make these unmistakably Sprout. He hasn't strayed far, of course - "Jealous Mantles" could be an Alien Lanes outtake - but he has blossomed since he doesn't spend his nights ducking away from a twirling microphone. (Wigwam)