Expulsion Wasteworld

As expected with a band from the Netherlands, smack dab in the centre of all those other genre influences, Expulsion's debut is bound to be a thinly veiled collection of such inspirations. With Wasteworld, elements of Arise-era Sepultura, hammering double-time beats, black metal's razor-shredded vocals, Kreator's riffing and venom circa Pleasure To Kill, and hints of the beastly groans of early Swedish metal all rear their ugly heads. And it's awesome. Relentless and over-the-top, Wasteworld is far darker than the thrash metal it intends to be yet still nails that genre right on its meaty head. The entire experience is intensified by the band's explosive aggression and insane tempo shifts. Few bands are capable of this degree of mastery even after years of issuing albums yet Expulsion have done it with a fiery debut. Here's hoping they draw enough attention to generate a sophomore album. With a pace like this, it will surely obliterate. (Deepsend)