Exhale Prototype

Cheers to Canadian label Galy for scoring the Canadian release of this cool Swedish grind album. With a definite influence from their fellow countrymen Nasum, Exhale combine crusty grindcore with a big groove and a killer production sound. They lack the knack that Nasum had for writing catchy songs, but Exhale still do a great job of raging through the 14 songs on Prototype. The drumming of the singularly-named Gurra is awesome, the man a master of the double-bass pedals, creating and leading the groove through all points necessary. The screamed vocals are a great counterpoint to the guttural growling. There’s just a lingering something preventing this from being in the upper echelon of grind, but they can’t all be Napalm Death or Assuck. Exhale are clearly on their way to the top, so grind fans, you’re going to want to start paying attention to these guys. I can’t wait to hear more. (Galy)