Exclusive: Vancouver's Manvils Snag Actor John Savage for New Video, Line Up Premieres in Vancouver and Toronto

Exclusive: Vancouver's Manvils Snag Actor John Savage for New Video, Line Up Premieres in Vancouver and Toronto
In what is one of the more unlikely pairings of the year, Vancouver rockers the Manvils and Hollywood actor John Savage (of The Deer Hunter fame) have recently collaborated on a Manvils music video. Of course, inquiring minds need to know, so we got in touch with vocalist/guitarist Mikey Manville to get the skinny.

"This past summer, John and I were introduced at 8 a.m. over coffee by mutual friend Yuri Padal, whose artwork is featured on our album cover," says Manville in an interview with Exclaim! "John wanted a signed Manvils LP and a T-shirt, which was crazy, because all I wanted was his autograph and a T-shirt with his face on it.

"I decided to call him up a week later and see if he'd be interested in starring in the video. Between NYC, South Africa and L.A., he managed to fly down to Vancouver for the weekend and make it happen. He was amazing to work with - such a talent. We shot a 22-hour day followed by an 18-hour day... It was an amazing shoot."

So what exactly is the end result of a Hollywood actor getting together with a Vancouver rock band to film a video for their cut "Turpentine"? Manville says it's an "atypical" clip.

"It has a very dark, surreal, David Lynch-esque quality," he says, adding it was shot on 35mm film. "Savage's character is literally battling his demons throughout the entire video. This was our attempt at bringing taxidermy, white Cadillacs, ghosts, blood and rock'n'roll together."

The band are going to premiere the video at some upcoming video release parties, which Manville says will be a "video premiere and rock show all in one." There will be two parties: in Vancouver on October 15 at Venue and Toronto on October 30 at the Horseshoe Tavern.

And as for what's after that, Manville says people can expect more touring and, well, whatever the band wants, considering they put out their own records through Sandbag Records, which Manville co-runs.

"The band are getting ready for our West coast and East coast tour dates," he says. "We are on a very unique label. Everything is very DIY, and the label is very supportive with everything we do. It's exciting, and at times nerve-wracking, to have the responsibility of making everything happen ourselves. This is the beauty of having an uncompromised vision and I really believe that our fans are grateful for it."

As for the label, Sandbag kicked off with a bang by releasing three albums in three weeks in August, when it launched. Aside from the Manvils, the other releases were from Vancouver blues rawk'n'roller Rich Hope and ex-Age of Electric/Limblifter dude Ryan Dahle.

The Manvils' last album was this year's recently released self-titled effort.

Mavils tour dates:

10/8 Edmonton, AB - Brixx ^

10/9 Calgary, AB - Broken City ^

10/10 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice ^

10/11 Canmore, AB - The Canmore Hotel ^

10/15 Vancouver, BC - Venue *^

10/30 Toronto, ON - The Horseshoe Tavern #^

10/31 Ottawa, ON - Irene's Pub ^

11/2 Kingston, ON ^%

^ with Rich Hope
* video premiere with the British Columbians and the Capitals
# video premiere with KC Roberts and Scatterheart
% with Immaculate Machine