Exclusive: Ladyhawk Branch Out into Sports, Set Sights on Third Album

Exclusive: Ladyhawk Branch Out into Sports, Set Sights on Third Album
Since the release of their excellent sophomore album, Shots, in 2008, Vancouver, BC's Ladyhawk have done a bunch of touring and then slowed things down a little, with members breaking off into various side-projects. One such project are Sports, the math-y indie rock band fronted by Ladyhawk drummer Ryan Johnson, featuring fellow Hawk-mate Darcy Hancock, along with former Jaws guitarist Ryan Marshall on drums.

The band recently recorded their debut LP, Drumheller, with Hive mastermind Colin Stewart. In an interview with Exclaim!, Johnson explained that despite any attention the project might get, he sees Sports as remaining secondary to Ladyhawk.

"Sports are definitely not my main priority, nor Darcy's," Johnson explained. "I'm not the 'front-man' type, I'm a player, I could never do Sports full time. If I had to play these songs every night, it'd kill me. In fact, this band only started as a 'something to do on Sunday afternoon' kind of thing, but it sort of snowballed. The lyrics actually really embarrass me because I didn't put that much effort into them, I didn't think anyone would ever hear them."

Sports will be putting out Drumheller this month via Triple Crown, and are celebrating its release with a show at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret on November 14. Following those shows, the band will be hitting Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa for three shows with Quest for Fire.

After that, there's a good chance Sports will go into hibernation, as Ladyhawk get the ball rolling on their third LP.

"Ladyhawk have recorded about five songs for the next record. No word on when we'll get back in the studio, hopefully in the new year," Johnson explained. "I'd love to say that Ladyhawk will have a record out in 2010 but you never know with labels. They might make us wait a year to release it, like the last record, but be on the lookout. The five songs we do have are the best shit we've done so far, less manic, more solid grooves."

Three songs from Sports' Drumheller album can be streamed at the band's MySpace page. Drumheller:

1. "Drumheller Alta"
2. "Out Of Bounds"
3. "Guest Of Honour"
4. "Can't Hear Anymore"
5. "A Million Miles"
6. "Van Pire Blues"
7. "Everhear"
8. "Back In The Summer"

Tour dates:

11/14 Vancouver, BC -€“ the Biltmore Cabaret
11/19 Toronto, ON -€“ Sneaky Dee's *
11/20 Montreal, QC -€“ Green Room *
11/21 Ottawa, ON -€“ Zaphod's *

* with Quest For Fire