Exclusive: Gwar Bombard Canada with Lust in Space on 25th Anniversary Tour

Exclusive: Gwar Bombard Canada with <i>Lust in Space</i> on 25th Anniversary Tour
Ever pissed off a baby-eating, monster-defiling, crack-addicted mutant alien? We have.

"How dare you, sir! You just lack the intellectual capacity to understand the brilliance of those records," hollers Gwar front-thing Oderous Urungus after being told the band's late '90s output was, well, pretty crappy.

"It's true; we had to dumb down the music quite a bit in order to get the human race to react to it," he continues in an interview with Exclaim! "Once we did that, they lauded us as musical geniuses, as they should have years before... even when I was vomiting on the ukulele. That was probably better than most of the music put out now, though that's not saying much... That's why there's constantly a struggle to educate these people. Failing that? Kill them, or in some cases, educate and then kill them."

Such education has resulted in Gwar's 11th studio album, 2009's Lust in Space, one of their best in years and, starting today (October 29), one the band will be touring behind on several Canadian dates. From outright rockin' tracks to a story line that feels inspired, compared to previous tales of future-predicting penis heads, Lust in Space finds Gwar on a wonderful high (pun intended) for their 25th anniversary tour.

Before hitting up such cities as Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, Urungus reveals that the record is only the beginning of the Lust in Space saga.

"It is our finest record yet but there is room to get better," he says. "The 25th anniversary tour will be two years long. I want to put out two albums to bookend it. The first part deals with Gwar leaving Earth, fighting Cardinal Syn and being driven back to Earth. The second part will deal with the colossal struggle between them on the planet Earth. Will Earth live or die?

"When you go to the show, you witness the colossal battle between Cardinal Syn and Oderous. A few other people show up and get their heads clobbered pretty hard in the battle. The next record will be based on what happens after that. Do we defeat him or are we destroyed by him? It'll have a big affect on what the next album is all about."

Strangely, despite being their shining moment, the band - completed by guitarists Flattus Maximus and Balsac the Jaws of Death, bassist Beefcake the Mighty and drummer Jizmak Da Gusha - are actually splitting the tour into two segments: their own headlining gigs and as openers for popular metal outfit Lamb of God. Because of Gwar's monumental stage show, it's the first time in their 25 years that they've actually been a support act.

"We're confused by that ourselves," admits Urungus, adding that their placing on a bill really doesn't matter anyway. "We've actually installed a Scumdog warship into the venue. When we play the show, the ship blasts off into outer space, taking a large section of the audience with it. We have the battle out there, encounter Cardinal Syn and see the horror he's unleashed. We're then driven back to defend Earth against him because we've run out of crack and Earth is the only place I can get any. That's the decision to bring us back and the final battle is played out right there.

"It doesn't matter if Lamb of God are there... it's our deal. Believe it or not, they're actually old buddies of ours but they put themselves in this position. It's been fun to tour with them but I don't know what they're hoping to get out of it. Hopefully they'll get out of it with their lives."

Canadian tour dates:

10/29 Halifax, NS -€“ Cunard Centre *
10/30 Moncton, NB -€“ Moncton Coliseum *
11/1 Montreal, QC -€“ Club Soda
11/2 Toronto, ON -€“ Sound Academy
11/30 Vancouver, BC -€“ Commodore Ballroom
12/2 Edmonton, AB -€“ Edmonton Events Centre
12/3 Calgary, AB -€“ MacEwan Hall
12/4 Regina, SK -€“ Riddell Hall
12/5 Winnipeg, MB -€“ The Garrick

* with Lamb of God