Exclusive: Girls Already Eyeing Second Album, Looking to Come at Fans with "One-Two Punch"

Exclusive: Girls Already Eyeing Second Album, Looking to Come at Fans with 'One-Two Punch'
Although they just released their debut Album last week, San Francisco's Girls are already looking forward to their next one.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, singer-songwriter Christopher Owens said becoming a full-on band for their sophomore effort is making the album come together.

"For the second album we plan to do it more as a band," Owens said. "We now have a permanent guitarist and drummer, so the second album we're hoping to expand. Basically, I think the songs are better, I've matured a little bit with the newer material."

Owens said that adding a John Anderson on guitar and Garrett Godard on drums has taken the band's music to another level.

"We're just really positive about this second album, there's going to be a lot more of [John's] input on the guitar. And then we have a good drummer who's been in a dozen bands here in the city. He learned the songs and plays how we like them, but he has his own loosey-goosey style too."

While Album currently sits with an impressive 80 percent rating on Metacritic, Owens says that we haven't heard anything yet.

"I think the first album's great, it's going to be a great debut," he adds. "And people are always saying, 'Can they do it again with the second album?' And we're just going to come at them with the one-two punch and keep people's interest by adding a lot more sound."

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