Exclusive: Fucked Up Dish on New Studio Full-Length - It's a Musical Called David Comes to Life

Exclusive: Fucked Up Dish on New Studio Full-Length - It's a Musical Called <i>David Comes to Life</i>
On top of all the recent award winning, charity work and planned singles, Toronto, ON hardcore giants Fucked Up keep promising that they'll be imposing their third full-length on our eardrums sometime this year. Now, to get us even more excited about this upcoming release, we've learned that this follow-up to the Polaris-winning Chemistry of Common Life will likely be a musical.

While speaking with Fucked Up's Ben Cook, the guitarist recently let us in on the album, explaining what to expect sound-wise and how close the band are to its completion.

"Fucked Up are hard at work writing a new record, which will be the poppiest thing the band has ever done," Cook explained in an interview with Exclaim! "We aren't very far [along] actually. Just a few practices in, and we already hate each other."

At this point, Cook said much of the album is still up in the air, but he did tell us this: "I'm pretty sure its called David Comes to Life, and it's supposed to be a musical, but I'm not sure how that's going to work really. I'm sure as hell gonna sing and act in it, though."

Cook went on to say that Fucked Up are going with a "Blitz on Prozac" vibe, referencing the seminal UK street punks. "Sometimes we find ourselves in the 'Disney on Heroin' or 'Lesbians on Dust' vibe," he jokes, adding, "Any time I pipe in and say, 'Hey, maybe this song shouldn't sound like a French techno song,' I get a pizza slice shoved in my mouth."

While it's far too early to know the release date for David Comes to Life, Cook says it will be out sooner than later. "Everyone in Fucked Up knows there is a expiry date on the band," he admits. "No one wants to be doing it forever, all old and weird."