Exclusive: 3 Inches of Blood Dish on Split from Roadrunner Records, Point to Label Frustrations

Exclusive: 3 Inches of Blood Dish on Split from Roadrunner Records, Point to Label Frustrations
There have been a lot of shifts in the 3 Inches of Blood camp over the past year.

From the departure of founder/harsh vocalist Jaime Hooper to a relocation to Century Media Records, the BC metallions have survived it all and still managed to scrape together enough time to whip out fourth full-length Here Waits Thy Doom, which is incidentally their Century Media debut.

"We're hopeful with [Century Media]," beams clean vocalist Cam Pipes in an interview with Exclaim!, discussing the new relationship. "We're definitely more cautious as a band when it comes to viewing a label's role and how they promote the band and the record, though. We weren't necessarily that satisfied with how our last label did with our last two records. We felt low on the priority list."

In fact, Pipes goes so far as to note that after seeing sophomore opus Advance and Vanquish (2005) and its follow-up Fire Up the Blades (2007) fail to live up to expectations, 3IOB are quite happy to have parted ways with former home Roadrunner Records - being polite enough not to mention names, mind you. He says he feels that in retrospect, his frustration stems from what the label "didn't do as opposed to what they did" for the band's albums.

"So far though, Century Media is coming through with what they promised," Pipes says. "They didn't interfere with writing; let us do our thing. They've also started pushing it and getting us press. We felt our old label didn't really push that, especially outside of North America. [Century Media is] more focused on what they do: a metal label specifically where our last label was a mix of rock, metal, Top 40 corporate stuff and were more focused on units than the music or the people."

That said, while Pipes understands the world of business, he's quite pleased that 3IOB are attacking the financial world on a much more focused scale.

"A label is a business to make money but we feel like being on a smaller label will be better," he says. "We're not gonna get lost in red tape as much as we did with the previous company."

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