Exclaim!'s Top 27 Albums of 2015 So Far

24. METZ
(Sub Pop)

With their debut, Toronto's METZ minted a successful, noisy vehicle for navigating concrete jungles of crappy apartments cluttered with rats and empties, and it was heard around the world. For their second record, METZ — the ever-industrious, wilfully abrasive antipreneurs they are —scrutinized their prototype, homed in on its strengths and reprogrammed their particularly prickly Rube Goldberg guitar, drums and bass machine to process a new set of anxieties, knocking asses with a broomstick boot all the while.

METZ are a working band, and even if the soundscape's a little bleak, from the moment they punch the clock to II's end half an hour later, the economy of blood, sweat, abused instruments and battered distortion pedals it demanded pays off by making playgrounds of landfills and spinning lines into circle pits.
Tom Beedham