Exclaim!'s Top 10 Releases to Hunt for This Record Store Day

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Releases to Hunt for This Record Store Day
For those of us who haven't given up on physical music mediums, Record Store Day has become one of the highlights of the year. Each time around, some of the world's biggest acts -- indie and otherwise -- pony up some exclusive and limited-edition releases to be sold at independent music shops, and the results are always intriguing, to say the least.

We've spent the past few months learning about all of the goodies that will be coming our way on April 21 of this year, and now the big day is finally almost here. Come Saturday, these are the releases that we'd advise you to hunt for in your local record store. And, hey, if you aren't lucky enough to come away with a copy, there's always eBay.

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Releases to Hunt for This Record Store Day:

10. Xiu Xiu/Dirty Beaches - Split Seven-Inch

These two acts have teamed up for a split seven-inch containing two new cover tunes. Xiu Xiu have taken on Erasure's "Always," while Dirty Beaches has recorded a version of Françoise Hardy's "Tu Ne Dis Rien." Given the gloomy inclinations of the artists involved, we're willing to bet that you won't find an eerier single than this on Record Store Day.

9. The Wake - Here Comes Everybody
Last Record Store Day, Captured Tracks reissued some singles from post-punk heroes the Wake. This time around, they're one-upping themselves with a fancy-schmancy double LP reissue of 1985's Here Comes Everybody. The second record contains non-LP cuts from the era, making this a must-have for Wake fans who haven't yet managed to track down the band's classic material on wax.

8. Tomahawk - Eponymous to Anonymous
Mike Patton's experimental rock group previously didn't release any of their three albums on vinyl, and this box set will remedy that. As the title suggests, it contains 2001's Tomahawk, 2003's Mit Gas and 2007's Anonymous. For fans of the band, the best part is this: the box set comes with a little extra room, so that you'll be able to fit Tomahawk's fourth album in there when it comes out sometime in the not too distant future.