Exclaim!'s Top 10 Canadian Music Videos 2015 in Lists

Exclaim!'s Top 10 Canadian Music Videos 2015 in Lists

5. Braids
(Directed by Kevan Funk)

The message behind Braids' "Miniskirt" is about as forceful as they come, but the visual accompaniment takes things a bit further, exploring more metaphorical realms. Frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston stars in the clip as multiple characters, all challenging accepted notions of how a woman should look, dress and behave.
Also at play is the concept of humanity's relationship with nature; shots of both the great outdoors and an artificial greenhouse lend extra beauty and power to an already beautiful and powerful song.
Sarah Murphy
4. Carly Rae Jepsen
"I Really Like You"
(Directed by Peter Glanz)

As a song, Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You" doesn't quite evoke the giddy romance of past hit "Call Me Maybe," but the video perfectly captures the music's ebullient spirit by showing Hollywood star Tom Hanks having the best day ever as he prances through the streets, doles out high fives at random, has an emoji-filled text conversation with Jepsen and caps it all off with a synchronized dance routine. We really, really, really, really, really, really like this video.
Alex Hudson
3. Kalle Mattson
(Directed by Philip Sportel)

Be warned: Watching Kalle Mattson's video for "Avalanche," a charming tribute to some of Mattson's favourite records, will quickly turn into a battle between eager indie rock nerds to see who can identify the source material first.
Thirty-five iconic album covers are recreated in the clever clip, paying homage to Wilco, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols and the Velvet Underground — and that's just in the first 10 seconds.
Sarah Murphy
2. Grimes
"Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream"
(Directed by Grimes)

Grimes' music videos are always a wild visual trip: Longtime readers will remember that she topped our videos list in both 2012 and 2014, and her clips are always filled with outlandish costumes and gloriously baffling scenes.
Her seven-minute double-sized clip for the Art Angels tracks "Flesh Without Blood" and "Life in the Vivid Dream" doesn't disappoint: It's an Alice in Wonderland-style mind-fuck in which songwriter Claire Boucher and her buddies dance around a lavish estate before our star ends up bathed in gruesome-looking blood. The clip is even crazier and more colourful than the pop-friendly music, which is saying something.
Alex Hudson
1. Drake
"Hotline Bling"
(Directed by Director X)

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Drake must be flattered as fuck. The "Hotline Bling" video turned Toronto's most valuable export into a living, breathing, turtleneck-wearing, neon-lit meme, spawning parodies from Tom Mulcair, Donald Trump and more than 2,000 UBC students.
Do we ever need to see another remake? No. "What if it features Adele," you say? No. Will we ever be able to look away while Drake cha-chas in his Timbs, though? Absolutely not.
Sarah Murphy