Exclaim!'s Favourite Promo Item of the Week: Cupcakes

Exclaim!'s Favourite Promo Item of the Week: Cupcakes
(Hey, it's a slow news day, so we figured what the hell!)

The Exclaim! office receives a wide range of useful, useless, tasty and tasteless promotional items on a regular basis. From the next wave of shaving razors to energy drinks, Will Smith cardboard cut-outs to over-sized clothing. But every so often an item is delivered that takes the cake - pun intended.

This week's favourite promo item* comes from Montreal-born, UK-based folktronic singer-songwriter Erin Lang, who was nice enough to bake a batch of delicious chocolate-vanilla cupcakes and inform us of her upcoming gig this coming Sunday (May 11) at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, supporting Southern gothic troubadour Jim White.

It might seem like a cheap ploy for press, but while it's hard to deny the little cakes weren't scrumptious, Lang has quite the C.V. on her hands. Not only does she call the Cure's Roger O'Donnell her keyboardist, but she managed to recruit members from highly regarded indie acts like Lali Puna and the Notwist to add some colour to her new album, You Are Found.

*Exclaim! does not encourage any artist or company to send promotional items in exchange for press. But damn, if you give us some tasty treats, we might just be swayed to spill some ink.

Erin Lang "Daisy"