Exclaim!'s Best of 2014: Top 10 Dance & Electronic

1. Caribou
Our Love

If 2010's phenomenal Swim was Dan Snaith showing us what he was capable of making, then Our Love is him showing us what he wants to make. While not a monumental sonic shift in sound, Our Love is imbued with an enveloping warmth that was only hinted at on his previous material. First single "Can't Do Without You" was a mission statement, an undeniably "Caribou" track that masterfully incorporated the sound of Swim with a new twist, lifting the fog at the 90-second mark to reveal a crisp, explosive and colourful climax, only to slowly ebb away and expand its lyrics in its final 20 seconds.

While his Daphni moniker grants him the freedom to explore his techno and house sensibilities, it also allows Snaith to make more pop-leaning material under the Caribou name. His vocals, while present on previous releases, are at their clearest and purest here, with minimal manipulation and multiple appearances throughout the album's ten tracks. But this isn't to say that Our Love doesn't include some truly experimental cuts, such as the brilliantly unpredictable "Mars" and the pulsating "Julia Brightly."

In our 2010 Year In Review feature we stated "Caribou will be remembered for Swim"; Our Love will be remembered as the album that establish Caribou's sound and brought it to the masses. (Scott Simpson)