Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Soul and R&B Albums

2. Rhye

Both Rhye's Woman and Quadron's debut speak to the talent Danish producer Robin Hannibal has for funky atmospheric synth production. on Woman, Mike Milosh's Sade-like countertenor vocals sit above orchestral assisted instrumentals, making for one of the most romantic sounding albums of the year. "3 Days" exemplifies this vibe, celebrating making the most of a short time together, while "Open" and "The Fall," with their rather exceptional accompanying videos, further add to the amorous narrative.

Those songs play heavily with the theme of young unpredictable love, and the fleeting nature of such relationships. Yet, through the act of reminiscing, those feelings find new life and new smiles. It is as if the central theme of Woman is that all that is good about love is retained even as it fades away. Woman is a short tryst worth revisiting and appreciating all over again. (Michael Warren)