Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2013

Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2013
Now that our 2012 retrospectives are finished, it's time to embrace 2013. As always, the year has plenty of exciting albums to look forward to, many of them from right here in Canada.

As we set off on the year ahead, here are some of the records that we're already eagerly anticipating. Some of them are by well-established stars, while others come from some of the country's most promising emerging talent. Either way, they're all Canadian, and they all look to make 2013 a year to remember.

Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2013:

20. Renny Wilson
(Mint Records)
Release Date: January 22

Edmonton songwriter Renny Wilson might not be the most instantly recognizable name on this list, but his album Sugarglider is undoubtedly one of the most promising releases of early 2013. His smooth style mixes soft rock with disco-dazzled pop, making for a sound that is as dreamy as it is danceable. In an announcement, the folks at Mint described it as their "go-to party record," but its synth and sax textures make it equally suited to headphone listening. (Alex Hudson)

19. No Joy
Title TBA
(Mexican Summer)
Release Date: TBA

No Joy recorded an entire experimentally minded album and recruited Raveonettes leader Sune Rose Wagner to mix it, but they scrapped the entire thing. Instead, they recorded a disc with producer Jorge Elbrecht (Chairlift, Violens), reportedly toning down the shoegaze squall in favour of a more unique sound. It's expected out in the spring. (Alex Hudson)

18. Rich Kidd
Title TBA
(Black Box Music)
Release Date: TBA

Toronto hip-hop producer Rich Kidd's production credits include big names like Drake, Saukrates and K-os, and he's also a talented MC in his own right. Having released a collaborative album with SonReal in 2012, he's prepping an album of his own for 2013. Making this even more exciting is the fact that SonReal also has a solo album due out through Black Box. (Alex Hudson)

17. Sinoia Caves
Beyond the Black Rainbow OST
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

Despite the Vancouver-made Beyond the Black Rainbow coming out way back in 2010, the wait for Sinoia Caves' soundtrack for the film has been frustratingly long. As anyone fortunate enough to feast their eyes on the Panos Cosmatos-directed flick can attest, the cosmically laced score for the sci-fi/horror mind-fuck is one stellar piece of work, with Sinoia Caves (aka Jeremy Schmidt of Black Mountain) leading us into that great and frightening beyond via creeped-out synth epics that stand tall beside those by the likes of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream. Rumours of a soundtrack release — from a well-respected American indie no less — have been swirling for a good year now. And while no official due date has been announced yet, we'll hopefully be able to lose ourselves in Beyond the Black Rainbow on our home stereos sometime this winter. (Brock Thiessen)

16. Boogat
El Dorado Sunset
(Maisonette Records)
Release Date: February 12

Ever since Montreal's favourite Spanish-language rapper dropped the Esperanto Sound System mixtape in collaboration with Poirier (rapping over everyone from Rusko to Chromeo to Maestro) almost two years ago, there's been increasing buzz about a proper first album. That record finally arrives in February to capitalize on his EP release, jazz festival appearances and growing connections in the world of Tropical Bass. Producers for El Dorado Sunset include Poirier, Schlachthofbronx and Thornato, with guests spots also coming from Radio Radio, Kid Koala and Lido Pimienta. (David Dacks)

15. Two Hours Traffic
Foolish Blood
Release Date: February 19

Foolish Blood is the follow-up to Two Hours Traffics' 2009 album Territory, and it features an altered lineup from the PEI indie rock band. Produced by Darryl Neudorf (the New Pornographers, Neko Case, the Sadies) at his Operation Northwoods studio in Ontario, the album features two songs from the recent EP Siren Spell. Guests include Arkells keyboardist Dan Griffin and pedal steel player Dale Murray. (Alex Hudson)

14. Hollerado
White Paint
(Royal Mountain Records)
Release Date: February 26

Hollerado's Record in a Bag was a ton of fun, so we've already got smiles on our faces just thinking about the upcoming sophomore album. White Paint was helmed by returning producer Gus Van Go, and the soaring power-pop single "Pick Me Up" suggests that this album won't be a huge departure from their past work. Considering how much attention their catchy tunes and fun-loving hijinks earned them in past few years, this is definitely a good thing. (Alex Hudson)

13. Daniel Romano
Come Cry with Me
(Normaltown Records)
Release Date: January 22

Having inked a deal with Normaltown, former Attack in Black member Daniel Romano will release his third solo album in the form of Come Cry with Me. According to a press release, "Romano's vintage country vibe and easy way with storytelling shine like the rhinestone-studded suits of country legend." In other words, expect this material to be in line with the songwriter's rustic recent work. (Alex Hudson)

12. Fuck the Facts

Title TBA
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

As one of the most consistently iconoclastic and innovative grindcore acts in Canada (or anywhere, for that matter), Fuck the Facts are defined by both their sonically complex and constantly evolving sound, as well as their seemingly boundless drive. After two excellent releases in 2012 (studio full-length Die Miserable and the rawer, wilder Misery EP), Fuck the Facts are at the height of their powers. As such, the recent announcement that they are in the process of recording a new album was met with great anticipation. The as-yet-unnamed album is being recorded in Fuck the Facts' home studio in Ottawa, and all tracking of the music was completed (as per the band's studio page) over the weekend of December 29. Vocals are scheduled to be done in early January before the band embark upon an ambitious U.S. tour throughout early 2013. Based on their recent output, this new release is sure to once again combine the cacophony of grindcore with mechanical precision and control — a tight and torqued approach to noise that also captures authentic emotion. This future record is poised to be a boon for all aggressive music fans who like their listening particularly difficult and merciless. (Natalie Zina Walschots)

11. Doldrums
Lesser Evil
(Arbutus Records)
Release Date: February 26

Since the breakup of Spiral Beach, Airick Woodhead has built a reputation for creating wonderfully skewed soundscapes under the name Doldrums. Following some buzzed-about short-form releases, his debut full-length, Lesser Evil, is eagerly anticipated by fans of woozy electronic music. The 11-track collection was reportedly recorded over an 18-month period using a laptop borrowed from his pal Grimes. (Alex Hudson)