Exclaim! TV Stirs Up Shit Storm at Warped Tour; NOFX and Gallows Hate On brokeNCYDE and Underoath

Exclaim! TV Stirs Up Shit Storm at Warped Tour; NOFX and Gallows Hate On brokeNCYDE and Underoath
If you follow Exclaim! TV's Garageland, you know that Sam Sutherland can get up to some pretty fantastic hijinks with his video camera and Exclaim! mic. Still, he's topped himself with his recent trip to Pomona, CA for the first date of the Vans Warped Tour.

Backstage at the fest, Sutherland approached any Warped act he could find to ask them who they thought were the best band on the tour, and who they thought were the worst, though the first question was ignored by most parties.

Warped founder Kevin Lyman mentioned that on that particular day, Albuquerque screamo/crunk hybrid brokeNCYDE were at the top of his list, as he had caught them sneaking people in.

That same band (whose members are named Se7en, Phat J, Mikl and Antz) came up again when Sutherland asked British hardcore punks Gallows for their opinion. Notoriously grumpy lead singer Frank Carter dropped this juicy little nugget of hate: "I haven't even heard of brokenCYDE and I already dislike them. That's just from their name being thrown around so much. So, I don't know... I'd put money on them. They'd be my winning horse." He later adds, "I wouldn't say anything [to them]. In fact, the only thing I'd tell them is our set time."

When it came time for NOFX's Fat Mike to take his jab, he went back to a beef he's expressed in the past with Underoath's over Christianity, saying, "I can't say Underoath is that bad, because they're pretty good for being a band. It's just that their beliefs are so bad. They have the worst belief system of any band on the Warped Tour."

Besides the real-life drama, the video also contains some hilarious jabs from Alexisonfire, Less Than Jake and numerous others. Check it out here, and catch the Warped Tour in your town on one of these dates. That is, if it doesn't fall apart in a massive brawl of skate punks, emo kids and the weird in-betweeners who make up the crowd.