Exclaim!'s Top 10 Metal & Hardcore Albums Best of 2016

6. Nails
You Will Never Be One of Us
(Nuclear Blast)
In 2013, Nails set an absurdly high bar for themselves with their breakout record, Abandon All Life, but their latest, You Will Never Be One of Us, takes their brand of hyper-aggressive, grind-y powerviolence to entirely new heights. Focusing their frenetic energy here, Nails have crafted a sound across the 10-song set that remains as feral as ever, but now feels more deliberate and, ultimately, more cohesive.
Exuding confidence in their work and pride in their scene, Nails pull no punches in bookending the record with scathing anthems that take aim at the fairweather fans and members of the metal and hardcore community who come and go with the trends, driving their affronts home with apocalyptic breakdowns and hardcore grooves. You Will Never Be One of Us stands out as a massive milestone for the band, and is by far one of the most abrasive, chaotic and immensely powerful records to come out of the world of metal and hardcore in recent years.
Branan Ranjanathan