Exclaim!'s Top 10 Metal & Hardcore Albums Best of 2016

9. Asphyx
Incoming Death
(Century Media)

Incoming Death is the ninth studio release from death-doom dealers Asphyx, and it's as savage and intoxicating as anyone could have hoped. The Dutch four-piece continue to precision-forge more of the sonic weaponry that has built them a global cult following, and their relentless, atmospheric, wide-screen sound is readily apparent on this album.
Asphyx perfect a balancing act throughout, maintaining equal parts doom and death aspects as well as dual-wielding a very addictive old-school sound in one hand and clutching near-flawless modern production in the other. From the very first riffs and splashing cymbals that introduce the opening track "Candiru," the straightforward instrumentation seems stretched across a vast horizon until it almost tears itself apart at the centre. Somewhere inside that vortex, vocalist Martin van Drunen spews tales of strike forces, parasitic infestations and intergalactic, apocalyptic robotic weaponry.
Incoming Death is a deep, front-to-back effort that's easily accessible to headbangers from the very first listen, yet offers many intricate layers and fresh nuances to be discovered over many repeats. 
Chris Bubinas