Exclaim!'s Top 10 Folk & Country Albums Best of 2016

3. Margo Price
Midwest Farmer's Daughter
(Third Man)

Sometimes, life sucks. There's not much you can do about it; you're going to face some tough times in your life. Now, you can let those hard moments get you down and trample on your spirit, or you can be like Margo Price. On her phenomenal debut record, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, not only does the Nashville transplant present all this torment and strife, but she tackles it head on.
From the hypnotic, slow-burning "Hands of Time," an ode to a life of hardship, to the raw grit of "Tennessee Song" and its guitar that bites and barks, Midwest Farmer's Daughter is full of moments that put to bed any notion that Price is just a talented imitator, as she masters and, indeed, breathes new life into country music. On her first solo outing, Margo Price not only pays homage to the country canon, but suggests she may one day be part of it, alongside Hank, Waylon and Loretta.
Corey Henderson