Exclaim!'s Top 10 Folk & Country Albums Best of 2016

8. Veda Hille
Love Waves

It's been six months since this amazing record burst onto the scene, and it still feels fresh; I'm looking forward to listening to Veda Hille's Love Waves five or 10 years from now — it's one of those albums. This unlikely dance party about art and middle age, motherhood and marriage, riddled with kid logic, defies categorization. I'm going to call the genre: Veda Hille.
It's an omnivorous one, one that brilliantly ties together all of time in one instant by grafting flickering computer bleeps to the end of a baroque pop song on "Eurydice" — and who knew Ford Pier could sing like that? High fives to JC/DC for making it sound so huge, so great. Hille draws from David Bowie, Brian Eno, Gilbert & Sullivan, Rilke and her own life to create something truly remarkable here.
Sarah Greene