Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums Best of 2016

6. Gold Panda
Good Luck and Do Your Best
(City Slang)
Gold Panda is one of those artists you never really get a bad draw with (see 2013's Half of Where You Live, 2010's Lucky Shiner). He's also an artist who, time and again, lives up to stellar prior releases in every capacity, putting new spins on his now-trademark style.
In an era where electronic music could use a bit of polish and a push in a new direction, the UK producer's third LP, Good Luck and Do Your Best — inspired by a trip to Japan and the parting words of a friendly taxi driver — stands refreshingly on its own. It's the understated surprises that make this album special: the chimes and occasional subtle blast of horn intertwining on "Halyards"; the cheeky scale-back and slight rewind nearing the end of "Chiba Nights"; the unexpected reflective, almost mournful tone of "Unthank." Good Luck and Do Your Best epitomizes in name what it does in practice — no luck required.
Ashley Hampson