Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums Best of 2016

7. Tim Hecker
Love Streams
(Paper Bag)
By going spacier and more ambient than his last record, 2013's Virgins, Tim Hecker's masterful Love Streams provides a satisfying breath of air following the minimalist ambient composer's previous three releases, all of which were hailed as some of the best electronic albums since the turn of the century.
As with the best ambient music, Love Streams is a series of tracks that could be listened to while performing other tasks — working, driving, meditating — or with the listener's full, undivided attention. The symphony of vocal effects and keyboards here produce otherworldly and alien-like melodies that are the benchmarks of Hecker's style, but they mark a departure from his recent work, with less of an overwhelming sense of misery and a more relaxed tone. This, combined with its relative brevity, makes Love Streams feel like something like a break from his more intense compositions, but it says something about an artist when even a break sounds as beautiful this.
Adam Nizam