Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums Best of 2016

8. Junior Boys
Big Black Coat
(City Slang)
In the world of electronic music, a lot can change in five years. Unattached to any real trends over their career, Hamilton's Junior Boys were able to use the time since 2011's It's All True to reinvigorate their perspective and come back with a renewed sense of purpose. Shifting past the fragile, introspective electro-pop framework that served them well in the past, the duo's Big Black Coat is obviously a result of time away from the project, influenced by the late-night club culture that both frontman Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus have been dabbling in as DJs, during different parts of their career.
The duo have boldly embraced Detroit techno, Krautrock, early electro and maybe even some Prince on their fifth album, but they haven't abandoned the themes of love and longing typically found in Greenspan's lyrics. Big Black Coat's sleek, emotive take on techno feels both vulnerable and confident at times, allowing Junior Boys to reference elements of the past while opening the door to the future.
Anthony Augustine