Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums Best of 2016

10. Tycho
(Ghostly International)
Scott Hansen, Tycho's prime architect, cleverly called his band's final album in a trilogy Epoch; it's defined as a period of time characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events. Since 2011's Dive and 2014's Awake, Tycho has organically evolved from a tranquil solo electronic project into a dynamic three-piece live band while tightening up the group's signature lush mosaic of meticulous and potent instrumental melodies.
Epoch's strength is its balance between restraint and attack. The band know when to carefully hold back, building up a pleasantly blissful ambience on tracks like "Receiver" or "Continuum," and when to shift gears to an upbeat approach, such as on the title track or the prismatic "Horizon." Like Tycho's previous work, Epoch evokes a nostalgic and exuberant dream-like environment, tastefully crafted by colourful synthesizers and crisp guitar riffs, punctuated by striding percussion. Epoch is the pinnacle of Tycho's analog-electronic brilliance.
Chris Gee