Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums Best of 2016

2. A Tribe Called Red
We Are the Halluci Nation
(Pirates Blend)
In a year when Canadians had to confront their own ignorance about our country's deplorable damage to First Nations families and their heritage, A Tribe Called Red made a record that was impossible to ignore.
There were federal acknowledgements and apologies, truths, reconciliations, revelations and exhortations for a bright future to emerge from a grim past. These things came from all over the cultural and political spectrum, and We Are the Halluci Nation reflected this complex, conscious, emotional tapestry.
Ostensibly electronic music, nothing about this record could be relegated to the background. The sound is almost always raging fire, burning everything in its path, and its path is narrated by guests like Yasiin Bey, Black Bear, Joseph Boyden, Tanya Tagaq, Lido Pimienta, Saul Williams, John Trudell and Shad, among other comrades in arms. There's some pacing in its racing, but even its quieter, spoken word interludes are hauntingly heavy. We Are the Halluci Nation is a big, big noise that needed to be heard.
Vish Khanna