Exclaim! Gift Guide: The Best, Weirdest and Most Collectible Music Merch of 2019

Must-have merchandise from PUP, Vampire Weekend, Better Oblivion Community Center and more
Exclaim! Gift Guide: The Best, Weirdest and Most Collectible Music Merch of 2019
What do you buy for the music fan who already has a streaming subscription and all of the vinyl they need? Forget T-shirts — we've rounded up some of the most unique pieces of band merch on the market, from the cool to the collectible to the downright bizarre. You can now rep bands like Stereolab and Fall Out Boy in all aspects of your life: the clothes you wear, the way you decorate their room, and even how you do your laundry.

Stereolab laundry bag

Dance yourself clean all the way to the laundromat with this handy laundry bag courtesy of the legendary avant-pop crew.

PUP zine

Toronto punks PUP are helping keep the medium alive with their semi-regular zine. Among the old-timey, IRL items found in volume three are a PUP-themed board game, guitar tabs and a flexi-disc that includes the "Bare Hands" demo.
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Vampire Weekend '90s starter kit

Representing the nadir of the decade's fashion trends, this trio of items — a hypercolour shirt, slap bracelet and fanny pack — leans hard into the '90s aesthetic that Vampire Weekend adopted for their latest, Father of the Bride.
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Fall Out Boy beret

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump is known for his eclectic choice in headgear. Now, you too can join folks like Stump, Samuel L. Jackson and Che Guevara with a sharp-looking Fall Out Boy beret.
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Better Oblivion Community Center stress ball

Life can throw you a lot of lemons, but the kind folks at the Better Oblivion Community Center are here to help. Keep this handy stress "ball" nearby anytime you're feeling the pressure of modernity.
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Music Funko Pops

This generation's Beanie Babies? History will decide. But with a new music-themed lineup that includes everyone from shock rockers Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie to "Weird Al" and Scott Pilgrim, it's hard to argue with the company's sheer ambition.
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