The Ex Spectors "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"

The Ex Spectors 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)'
The Phil Spector-penned holiday classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" has been given a remake for a good cause. Vancouver musicians have come together under the banner of the Ex Spectors to record the iconic tune and donate the proceeds to the Inland Refugee Society of BC.
The fresh take on the tune hears musicians Jeffry Lee (Hard Drugs, Jiffy Marker) and Josh Wells (Black Mountain, Detroyer) banding together, backed by vocals and accompaniment from Amber Webber (Black Mountain), Jenni Lee Nelson (Hard Drugs), Shira Blustein (Hard Drugs), Ashley Webber (Ashley Shadow, Pink Mountaintops) and Colin McKill (Sur Une Plage).
The musical pals promise the holiday ditty is "sure to bring at least the semblance of a smile to even the Grinchiest boys and girls."
You can sing and smile along by giving it a spin in the player below. For a minimum donation of just $1, you can download the song or send it as a gift. Find full information here.