Ex-Terrestrial "Blue Smoke"

Ex-Terrestrial 'Blue Smoke'
Montreal electronic artist Adam Feingold is switching it up for his next release through 1080p. While he issued last year's ambient and eerie Nuff Zang album as Feingold, he's going by Ex-Terrestrial for an upcoming 12-inch release. While due later in the month, the alien bump of the record's "Blue Smoke" can be previewed right now.

The track begins with a spacious wave of synths and slippery sound effects, but Ex-Terrestial soon grafts a vintage, hop-and-skip break into the piece. From there, "Blue Smoke" filters out via a series of adult contemporary keyboard tones, a percussive blast that sounds something like the toot of an elephant's trunk, and a calming vocal that urges us to fixate on something "deep inside."

You'll find the 12-inch's closing mantra below, while the rest of the record arrives March 28.