Ev Ree Wuhn "Found You" / "Use Me Up" (ft. Devin Wilson)

Ev Ree Wuhn 'Found You' / 'Use Me Up' (ft. Devin Wilson)
Phonetically inclined Toronto trio Ev Ree Wuhn have a self-titled album on the way, and in the meantime, they've released a digital single with two tracks from the upcoming LP.

"Found You" is a five-minute electronic track based around a hypnotic loop with clacking rhythms and seasick synth ebbs. This eventually gives way a soulful, falsetto-assisted breakdown, and the vocals combine with electronic elements in the final passage.

"Use Me Up," on the other hand, utilized anxious rhythms and harp-like acoustic twinkles. It features Devin Wilson of Bravestation, and it's a little more pop-friendly in its structure.

Hear the tunes below, and stay tuned for more information about Ev Ree Wuhn's album.